Believe in Luck

Dutch State Lottery

This is the story of a little black cat called 'Frummel', that made Holland believe in luck again after an unlucky 2020.



It all started with a commercial for the Dutch State Lottery. Featuring a little black cat, called Frummel.
Bringing good luck instead of bad luck. After a misfortunate year, Frummel made people believe in luck again.

We provided the base idea that was then further developed by Erik Falke, Dennis Baars & Darre Van Dijk.


Director: Bart Timmer (Czar).

Friends of Frummel

But we didn’t stop there. Instead of promoting our Jackpot Prize, we teamed up with Dutch Animal Shelters to give all homeless black cats a new home. We presented the Friends of Frummel through a nationwide outdoor campaign. Making a black cat crossing your path on every street corner. Within three weeks, every single cat got adopted. This is how a lottery, helped the biggest symbol of bad luck, to believe in luck again.


Photographer: Ellen Reus


Photographer: Ellen Reus & Lennart Schoterman

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