The Silent Night Guard


The holidays. The most wonderful time of the year.. for burglars. Because when most people leave home to visit family, burglars make their move. So it’s not surprising that the chance of a burglary is 80%-90% higher during the holidays. For Aegon, a Dutch insurer, we came up with an idea inspired by the iconic scene of Home Alone…

Case Study


The Podcast.

Introducing the Silent Night Guard. A 5-hour podcast of a christmas dinner that scares off burglars during Christmas. And fills your home with the sound of a Christmas dinner while you’re away. The podcast includes familiar Christmas topics like arguments at the table, cheating during a game of Monopoly, or reacting very enthusiastically to the gift you didn’t want to receive. All Christmas clichés and sounds make their appearance and scare burglars away. Turning the silent night into a safe night.