Joining Forces.


Since inventing the car, Mercedes-Benz has been fighting the wind. But soon, they will be working in partnership. By 2022, their own Mercedes-Benz factories worldwide will obtain electricity only from renewable sources. An ambitious message like that needed an grand statement, so Mercedes did something that once you see it, cannot be unseen.

Case Study

And so, a 70x120m windturbine was transformed into a gigantic Mercedes logo. To announce Mercedes and the wind joining forces. An iconic statement only Mercedes could pull of.

Hero Film

A hero film for global markets announced the new partnership between Mercedes-Benz and the wind. Reaching it's climax with a grand reveal of the iconic Mercedes star.


Director: Nicolai Fuglsig (MJZ) | Music: The Beatles - Come Together (Lauren O'Connell Cover)

The Making Of



The statement was captured and turned into an iconic print campaign, introducing the new partnership between Mercedes-Benz and the wind.

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