Nightstand Concerts


Besides being a beautiful music genre, classical music would also be very helpful for your state of mind. Particulair for a good night's sleep. That's why, we used classical music in an innovative way to beat insomnia within the Netherlands.

The idea

Within the Netherlands, no less than 25% of people say they have trouble sleeping. The usage of their phone before bedtime plays an important role here. While 45 minutes of classical music seems to be an effective tool against insomnia. Therefore we introduced the Nightstand Concerts. The first front-row concert besides your bed that calms you down before bedtime.

Watch the casefilm of the Nightstand Concert below.

The announcement video to kick-off the campaign in media and spread the message around.

Do you want to experience the power of classical music yourself? Make sure you order a transparant hologram piramide, place it in the middle of your phone screen and watch the following hologramvideo for 45 minutes. Go for more info to

The full length hologramvideo of the 'Van Baerle-trio'.

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